About Us

SORSO is a base sauce made up of tomatoes and peppers, with no additional flavouring or colouring. The purpose of this product is to make a sauce that can satisfy the taste buds of most people. It can be used to create a main course meal or used for dips.

SORSO is aimed at busy people who do not have a lot of time to make healthy meals from scratch, giving them the means of enjoying tasty and healthy meals in minutes

SORSO is currently locally produced by Sandra, a mother of three kids. The idea came about by not having enough time to make healthy meals from scratch after a long 9 to 5 day job in the city. Having grumpy and hungry children, which led to having a grumpy mother

Amazed and stunned at the product produced and the response from friends and family, Sandra saw an opportunity to this incredible sauce.

Something had to be done…

SORSO was born!!

SORSO is 100% pure and natural tomato base sauce with no nasties, just pure and simple perfection.