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Winter Comforts

As the temperature cools and summer nights grow dimmer, one place we often find brightens our evenings is in the basking light of a piping hot oven!

It is so important to nourish your body well during the winter months, with filling and nutritious meals. It is so tempting to snuggle up round the TV and throw a ready meal in the microwave, but soon after you’ve unwrapped that cellophane and gobbled it down, you might often find yourself feeling lethargic and bloated.

Our quick and easy Autumn Comfort dishes are a healthier, happier alternative. No more grease, no more preservatives and no more regret. Just healthy wholesome meals for all the family. When we think of cosy nights, we immediately think stews! Much-loved and welcomingly warm, stews provide a lovely, filling end to a long day. Today we are sharing with you two hearty stews, and a third recipe which is admittedly on the crunchier side of things!

Our first recipe includes a pantry staple


Incredibly versatile and high in fibre, black beans are a perfect earthy addition to this meal.
It also is a wonderful option for increasing your levels of Vitamin D as over 40% of us in the UK are Vitamin D deficient over the winter months.
Our personal favourite thing about this recipe is its suitably autumnal colouring! The natural pigment of tomatoes and egg yolk reflect the beautifully colourful leaves falling from trees in the breeze outside.


As if our stews aren’t warming enough, we’re believe you can’t go wrong with an added pinch of spice.
Harissa is a hot chilli pepper paste guaranteed to add some oomph to your meal.
Try a taste of Moroccan cuisine with this soothing and simmering stew.


Had enough of stews? Let us divert your rumbling stomach to our crunchy, crispy nachos!

These can be topped with quorn, cheese and cherry tomatoes. Finish off with a drizzle of SORSO and some lime to serve!

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