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Flavours with Fizz

What should you serve with Christmas Drinks? We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite festive drinks and their most flavoursome pairings. 

What drinks do you usually serve at a Christmas Party? There’s such an array of options, and everyone’s got a favourite – I’m impartial to a light and citrusy glass of Bucks Fizz to start off the day! No matter your preference, we have got some drink suggestions for your Christmas party and the perfect meal to pair them with.

From snowballs to spiced rum, there’s a tipple here for everyone. Stick around to see what takes your fancy.

Mulled Wine 

Mulled or spiced wine has got to be our first thought when it comes to Christmas drinks. It reminds us of meandering through Christmas markets, steam drifting up out of our paper cups and a hint of frost in the air. 

Did you know you can easily make you own mulled wine at home? Check out this fantastic recipe to serve at your Christmas drinks party from Fork in the Kitchen. 

What should I serve with mulled wine?

We recommend pairing your mulled wine with a dish that’s rich in umami flavour. It often pairs well with rich cheeses (perfect for your Christmas cheese board)!

If you’re looking for something a little different this year, why not make a SOR-Tart Wreath! A wreath on your door, that’s old news… but a reef on the dinner table – now that’s exciting! This rosemary tomato wreath is absolutely packed full of deep flavour. Tomatoes are one of the best plant-based sources of umami flavour, whilst the soft delicious crust will melt in your mouth. What’s more, adding Rosemary to this tart will create an absolutely dreamy scent wafting through your house for added Christmas cheer!

If you really feel like shaking things up this year, why not try drizzling your tart with a melted cheese of your choice… 

Spiced Rum

This one’s a heavier drink, most suitable for later in the evening! The smoked and spicy flavour of Rum is best consumed straight or on the rocks after a hefty Christmas dinner. Most spiced rum varieties will have distinct flavours such as cinnamon or vanilla. These are so perfect for winding down next to the Christmas tree. 

What should I serve with Spiced Rum?

If you’re looking for an accompaniment to your spiced rum, we recommend matching it with a similarly deep flavour. Our aromatic Dark Chocolate and Tomato Soup is just the ticket!

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Bucks Fizz 

A traditional element of Christmas Day breakfast, Bucks Fizz has been enjoyed for just under 100 years! Invented as an excuse to start drinking early, it’s certainly livened many a Christmas morning. What’s more? It’s so simple to make – simply mix 1- part orange juice to 2-parts champagne. The best bit about this one is that kids will love a mocktail Bucks Fizz too! Replace champagne for a clear lemonade for a kid-friendly pick-me-up.

Of course, you’ll certainly need a Christmas breakfast to serve this tipple with…

What should I serve with Bucks Fizz?

Love them or hate them, devouring some brussels sprouts is a classic Christmas custom. Our question to you – have you ever tried them with pancakes!?

Bear with us, because this one is good! Try brussels sprouts pancakes for a perfect savoury balance that will complement your flute of fizz! Top them with crème fraiche, dijon mustard and Original SORSO Sauce for a flavour burst that will get your Christmas off to an invigorating start! Kids and adults will love them all the same. 

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The best recipe for a Christmas Day Breakfast


Eggnog is typically known as a dessert drink because of its rich, creamy and delicious flavours. However, because it’s so sweet, balancing its flavours with an array of savoury tastes is the best way forward. Eggnog pairs nicely with foods that have divergent flavours. For this one, finding a meal that excites every aspect of the palate is a good idea. 

What should I serve with Eggnog?

Our Chilli Pesto Tartlets have a salty, savoury and spicy taste that will go down just a treat with a creamy glass of eggnog. 

Try them here!

Festive Cocktails

What would Christmas be without the classic Snowball cocktail! The creamy advocate drink is not completely dissimilar to eggnog, and has similar rich, thick sweetness. That’s why it provides the perfect touch to a savoury meal.

What should I serve with Cocktails?

Tried and tested, classic roasties, crispy with a soft centre will go down an absolute treat. Drizzled with SORSO and a sparkling cocktail to wash them down, who could ask for more?

Try our SOR-Roasted potatoes for the most delectable treat.

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