BlogAn Intro to Flavoured Sauces: SORSO

An Intro to Flavoured Sauces: SORSO

A Treat for the Taste Buds and a Boost

for your Body.

At SORSO Sauce we create fresh tomato flavoured sauces composed of 100% plant-based ingredients. Our flavoured sauces are packaged into pouches. These can be stored in your freezer for up to three months!

And there’s more… SORSO sauces are completely free from nasties.

You might be wondering, what exactly do we mean by nasties? To put it simply, we’re talking about preservatives. For food to stay fresh on the supermarket food shelf, it needs added ingredients which reduce spoilage.

We thought about this and decided against it !

At SORSO we strive to produce fabulously fresh sauces. Our sauces pack no preservatives while maintaining tremendous taste and texture while kept refrigerated!

Time to talk a few of the flavours launched !

Now you know that SORSO is good for you, let’s get down to our four fantastic flavours…

Classic Original
A much-loved classic. The classic SORSO variety is perfect for those looking for rich tomato-ey goodness. So tasty!

Lemon and Thyme
Hints of lemon injects a Mediterranean flair into your favourite dish. Thyme adds a slight warmth and lovely peppery undertones.

A sharper option! Chilli SORSO packs a medium heat. It is perfect for curries, pasta dishes, or spicy wraps.

Extra Chilli
Extra Chilli SORSO is great for warmer dishes to add some kick! This one’s for those who can handle a bit of heat.

As you may be able to tell from our flavour variety, here at SORSO we don’t like to tie you down. Our sauce is incredibly versatile. Plus, our juicy tomato sauces can be ready in minutes!

Easily prepared in the microwave or on the hob, a pack of SORSO to hand halves the time it takes to create fresh meals for all the family.

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