Before I  begin……

As an Artisan Producer, I trade mostly at farmersvegan and artisan markets across the UK. Trying to get our amazing products into your hands on a weekly basis. 


I have been trading across the UK for about 18 months now and on my journeys I have met the most amazing farmers, traders and customers alike.


I decided to use this opportunity and my platform to showcase some of the amazing traders I have met and the amazing products they produce, source and sell. 


The videos are not professional, but the content comes from the heart. I do hope you enjoy watching and learning. Its a big world out there.



Welcome to our world… ASILILIFE

I met Darsh and Snelly at Duck Pond Markets. Their smiles and positivity will light up your day as you will see from the video.

They are extremely passionate about living a happy, healthy, natural, minimalist and spiritual life.

They specialize in raw, plant based, gluten free, refined sugar free, healthy, delicious (guilt-free)

Click HERE to find out more about ASILILIFE  and also do follow them on Instagram . They are also wall climbing fanatics ❤️.   Love you guys.

My story begins with three grumpy kids and their stressed out mum…


Female founder, entrepreneur and mother, who has taken inspiration from mum, family and friends to create unique, tasty sauces, to be enjoyed by all on a regular basis.


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