Onion Bhajis

Ingredients List:
SORSO Chilli
Medium red & white onion, finely sliced
Handful of fresh parsley, finely chopped
Olive Oil, for frying
Salt, a pinch
Turmeric, a pinch

Quick and Simple Method

Soak onions in cold water for about 5mins

Make a thick batter, mix turmeric, sifted flour, salt and 100ml cold water into a bowl. Add a splash more of water, if it feels too stiff

Drain the onion on a paper towel and mix into the batter. Heat oil in a deep pan, do not fill the pan

Heap spoonsful of the mixture into the pan, a few at a time, and cook for 3-4 mins, turning, until they are evenly browned and crisp

Drain on kitchen paper, sprinkle with a little salt and keep warm while you cook the rest. Serve with SORSO