Perfect 🍅 “Tomato” Sauce Every Time. Versatile. Plant-Based. Made Just For You.

SORSO Quick and Simple Recipes To Try

Our delicious tomato sauces are made to order, using only the freshest ingredients, and delivered directly to your door.

With no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, you’ll never find our sauces sitting on a dusty shelf for months at a time.

Vegan friendly, SORSO is full of good stuff. It’s the perfect sidekick if you’re looking to whip up healthy and mouth-watering meals.

Use it as a base for pizza or pasta, to get your curry going, or to marinade your proteins.

Anything goes with SORSO and, with SORSO, anything goes! Our sauces are for everyone, and that’s what makes every bite SORSO good.


Our Range of SORSO Tomato Sauces

SORSO Sauces can be ordered in bundles from the Shop All Page and will be delivered Chilled. Our Sauces can be frozen for up to 3 months

No nasties. No preservatives. Freshly made every time, for pure sauce perfection.

Pack of 3: Lemon & Thyme

Inject a little Mediterranean flair into your favourite dish with our fresh lemon and thyme infused tomato sauce.

Perfect for: Italian or Greek Cuisine

Pack of 3: Chilli

We added Scotch Bonnet peppers to our original recipe for a tomato sauce with gentle heat that won’t overpower your meal.

Perfect for: Stews, Bolognese, Marinades

Pack of 3: Original

Our flagship sauce mixes tomatoes and sweet red peppers for a taste that’s natural, flavourful and incredibly versatile.

Perfect for: Pizza, Bruschetta, Pasta, Salsa

Pack of 3: Smoked Garlic

Looking for a distinctively flavour?. Your Ultimate autumn ingredient. Infuse with traditional comfort dishes.

Perfect for: Vegetables and as an ultimate Stuffing

From Our Kitchen to Yours

1. Select your Sauce

Choose from our selection of tempting tomato-based sauces

2. We head to the kitchen

Your made-to-order sauce is freshly prepared and packaged

3. Your sauce hits the open road

In 2-3 business days, your SORSO delivery will arrive!

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“We bought several packets of SORSO’s tomato and sweet red pepper sauce. A very good base sauce for both pasta and pizza. Delivered on time with both efficiency and charm. Warmly recommended.!
FP, Wimbledon

“I recently tried SORSO tomato bases sauces and was not disappointed. A very tasty, fresh and versatile product. We used their original tomato base sauce with pasta and also on a a pizza base and both were delicious. Can highly recommend them!”
MK, Canning Town

“They are great! Very flavourful and fresh tasting. I’d thoroughly recommend!”
AS, Putney