Great British Food AWARD 2021 FEEDBACK

SORSO - SORSO Sauce: Smoked Garlic
Taste: 9/10, Provenance: 5/5

The simple nature of this sauce really appealed - no additives or preservatives and it tasted super fresh too.
We used it to make a basic pasta dish and really enjoyed the
smoky garlic flavour for something a little different.

Perfect for a quick summer dinner!
Score: 14/15


This thick tomato paste had a sweet earthy aroma.

There was a lovely balance of sweetness and acidity and we really thought it tasted like a homemade tomato paste rather than churned out in a factory.

There was a pleasant slightly granular quality that made it surprisingly moreish and easy to eat on its own.

We thought you really captured the natural nuances and flavour of the tomato here.

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