Blast off on an adventure of flavours.

You’ll be amazed how much a glass of SORSO made Gazpacho can add flavour to your home-cooked meal

Your taste buds will be popping with excitement!

Enjoy a treasure trove of fantastic pasta-options with incredibly flavoursome SORSO Sauces, Pastes and Gazpachos. Our premium, freshly-prepared products are always blended with top-quality ingredients, bursting with pure goodness!

Try our original tomato sauce brimming over with natural sweetness or the zingy, citrussy sharpness of zesty lemon blended with the perfect amount of aromatic garlic… Alternatively, why not cook up a storm with a smokin’ hot chilli sauce?

There are so many more fabulous sauces and more to tempt you (and we’re always adding to our range). Of course, the beauty of SORSO for pasta is no meal need ever taste the same.

Our premium, freshly-prepared products are always blended with top-quality ingredients, bursting with pure goodness!. You’ll fall in love with the rich, velvety textures all oozing incomparable deliciousness, SORSO effortlessly takes your MEALS to another level!

Beautifully and Versatile

Drink from the bottle, dollop into your favourite recipe, sip from a mug or slurp from a bowl of noodles

Bold and Zesty taste!

The SORSO journey.....

Began in a London home with a family kitchen, where Sandra used to create her very own traditional-inspired sauces in small batches over the weekends, in preparation for meals during the week ahead. 

Sandra’s family devoured the freshly prepared sauces (with lots of different types of pasta) over bustling family dinners where everyone would discuss their days all while enjoying a wholly nutritious, extraordinarily delicious meal.

great british food award 2021

Taste: 9/10, Provenance: 5/5
The simple nature of this sauce really appealed - no additives or preservatives and it tasted super fresh too.
We used it to make a basic pasta dish and really enjoyed the
smoky garlic flavour for something a little different.

Perfect for a quick summer dinner!
Score: 14/15


This thick tomato paste had a sweet earthy aroma.

There was a lovely balance of sweetness and acidity and we really thought it tasted like a homemade tomato paste rather than churned out in a factory.

There was a pleasant slightly granular quality that made it surprisingly moreish and easy to eat on its own.

We thought you really captured the natural nuances and flavour of the tomato here.

More yummy reasons why you’ll love Sorso…

  • All Sauces, Pastes and Gazpachos are created in our London kitchen, in small batches.
  • We keep our sauces as natural as possible and don’t add any nasties (just like mama used to make them!).
  • Gluten-free, vegan-friendly and with no-added sugar. SORSO products delivered within 2 to 4 days.
  • Quick, easy, convenient (and no-one need know you didn’t make it!).
  • Bring the flavours of the tradition to your door (delivered anywhere in the UK).
  • SORSO aims to be as SUSTAINABLE as possible and care for the environment we live in.
  • Go on – you know you want to try SORSO, sign up here today. You don’t know what you’re missing!

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