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Born from the frustration of a busy Mum who struggled to get fresh food on the table, fast.

SORSO products are quick to prepare, tasty and free from artificial nasties.


SORSO pastes, sauces and gazpachos only have ‘good stuff’ in them, like vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh herbs and spices.



Simply choose the one you want, heat it up and you’re good to go! Healthy, tasty food in minutes. What’s not to love!

There’s no sugar, salt or artificial additives in sight, so you can rest assured you’re feeding your family the very best.

What will you choose?

The SORSO range of products includes tasty pastes, hearty soups, mouth watering sauces, and refreshing gazpachos, all flavoured with fresh herbs and spices. 


Choose from flavours such as chilli, lemon and thyme and smoked garlic.


Order your selection here and start creating delicious sugar-free meals for you and your family

Why buy SORSO?

All SORSO products are created using the very best fresh ingredients, such as beautiful, vine-ripened tomatoes.

Here at SORSO, we love tomatoes. We love everything about them and most of our products are based around them. But did you know just how good for you tomatoes are? 

No? Well read on…

Tomatoes are:

Full of antioxidants and carotenoids which can fight harmful free radicals in the body


Packed to the brim with Vitamins A. C and E which boosts your immune system and keeps your skin, teeth and bones healthy


Low in calories


A fabulous source of fibre and absolutely delicious!

What our Customers Say

“I recently tried SORSO tomato bases sauces and was not disappointed. A very tasty, fresh and versatile product. We used their original tomato base sauce with pasta and also on a a pizza base and both were delicious. Can highly recommend them!” (MK, London)
Lovely thick and rich in flavour. I used it for pasta and a dip with some char- grilled ciabatta bread. The flavours worked well for me and is definitely my new go to tomato sauce. (AG, LONDON)
I bought this sauce initially from one of the farmer’s markets I attended and was happy to hear that this sauce can be purchased online. I am very pleased with the quality of this sauce as you can taste the freshness of the sauce which is what I was after. The consistency of the sauce is perfect for what I use it for and was pleasantly surprised on the freshness of the taste. The sauce is slightly pricey but i think worth it especially as it’s fresh produce and you know exactly what’s in your food! I am so pleased that this can now be purchased online which saves on a journey! (RL, London)
SORSO - SORSO Sauce: Smoked Garlic Taste: 9/10 Provenance: 5/5 The simple nature of this sauce really appealed - no additives or preservatives and it tasted super fresh too. We used it to make a basic pasta dish and really enjoyed the smoky garlic flavour for something a little different. Perfect for a quick summer dinner! Score: 14/15 Judged by Great British Food Panel

Why sugar-free?

We all know too much sugar is bad for us, but do you know the real benefits of going sugar-free? 

A sugar-free diet, which SORSO products can be a valuable part of, can have the following benefits:

  1.  Improved mental state
  2.  Increased energy
  3.  Less mood swings
  4.  Weight loss
  5.  Healthier skin
  6.  Reduced headaches

Can be frozen for up to 3 months


Delivered chilled


*Next day delivery around UK Mainland. (The Highlands and Islands at an additional shipping cost). 


Free shipping on orders over £20


A huge range of recipes can be created using SORSO products 

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